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Siemens builds world’s largest rotor blades for wind turbines

Wind Turbine

THE international power firm, Siemens has trails the blasé by building the new world biggest rotor blades for wind turbines. The technology, according to a statement form Siemens Nigeria, would buoy the quest for renewable energy in the power sector. The B75 rotor blade, which measures 75 meters in length, is the world’s largest fiberglass component cast in one piece, with a capacity to generate six megawatts Mega Watts (MW).

According to Siemens, the giant components made of fiber glass will be used by Siemens’ new offshore wind turbine generation. They will be installed on the first prototype of Siemens’ 6-MW offshore wind turbine with the 154-meter-rotor, which will be erected this summer in Denmark’s Østerild.

It stated: “Each rotor has a diameter of 154 meters covering 18,600 square meters, which is the size of two and a half soccer fields. The tips of the blades move at up to 80 meters per second, or 290 kilometers per hour.  The huge rotor was made possible by special technologies that enable Siemens to make extremely strong yet lightweight structures.”

Commenting on the technology, the Chief Technology Officer of the Wind Power Division of Siemens Energy, Henrik Stiesdal said: “We have developed a process in which we can eliminate the use of adhesives or overlapping materials. In our most recent development, the world’s longest rotor blade, we’re using fiberglass and the blade is still lighter than the market leader’s for carbon blades.

“With carbon fiber the B75 rotor blade could be about another 10 to 20 per cent lighter.  But this weight reduction would come at a price. That’s why we opted for the cost-efficient rotor blade made of fiberglass.” Stiesdal stressed that: “It took a good amount of development work to come up with a process that allowed us to calculate the blade’s stability under all wind conditions, and to thereby optimize the rotor.

“Twenty-five tons may sound like a lot, but for an object of this size, the B75 is a true lightweight. This is thanks to our patented Integral Blade process. With this method the rotor blades are manufactured from a single casting. “When the 154 meter rotor is operated at a wind speed of 10 meters per second, it captures the energy from 200 metric tons of air every second,” he explained.

From: The Guardian

Source: http://www.ngrguardiannews.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=95562:siemens-builds-worlds-largest-rotor-blades-for-wind-turbines&catid=94:energy-report&Itemid=592