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Renewable Energy – Nigeria‘s Solution to Their Power Needs

President Goodluck Jonathan

It is a dream of every country to achieve energy independence, since according to economic experts this is the key to every nation’s prosperity. Although many people think that this is unattainable, many countries are now taking significant actions to fulfill that dream. Even developing nations are giving their best efforts to reach this goal. An example of this is Nigeria.

Nigeria declares that their goal is to attain 7% renewable energy usage by 2025 and this is because of proactive reasons. The fact that approximately 60 % of the nation do not receive adequate amount of power supply forces the country to start a renewable energy campaign.

Although Nigeria is the most populous country and the nation that has the second largest economy in Africa, it is still suffering from energy poverty. This is because of ineffective institutional framework, inappropriate policies, and uneven distribution of power supply in various parts of the country.  According to estimates, Nigeria cannot provide a stable energy to power supply, to over 160 million people.  This is a blow especially when it comes to the productivity of the nation.  The government is not blind and they are now taking the necessary actions to supply the power deficiencies of the nation.  One of their solutions is to take advantage of scientific breakthroughs in alternative energy technology.

The main reason why Nigeria cannot produce enough amount of energy is their over dependence in petroleum. When there are shortages in petroleum, their alternative source of energy is not enough to supply the whole nation.  According to the statistical reports, Nigeria has the largest gap when it comes to supply and demand of electrical power supply. More often than not, the country’s power supply cannot fill the gap, meaning they cannot satisfy the demand for electrical energy. This the major reason why the nation‘s economic growth is very slow.

There is no reason for Nigeria to be short of energy supply. The country has abundant sources of alternative energy such as solar energy, biomass, as well as wind energy. The only problem is that the country does not have the equipments to convert these forms of energy into power.  Fortunately, Nigeria’s current administration is planning to increase their budget on these equipments.

Although the task is big, Nigeria can still achieve this goal as long as they take an action.  Energy poverty hinders productivity, which in turn causes the economy of the nation to recede.  Furthermore, the supply of oil will never increase, which only means that in the upcoming years, it will be harder for the country to obtain adequate amount of petroleum to run their equipments that supply power to whole nation.

Deciding to make renewable energy as one of the nation’s major sources of power is no easy task.  The country needs to purchase new equipments, which means that Nigeria needs to spend millions just to supply power to its citizens. Is it really worth the cost? The answer is yes. The price of oil is hiking and using renewable energy will be more efficient and less expensive than petroleum, in the near future.  The goal of Nigeria is good, but it will be great if the government acts according to their words.

Source: By Alan Maca – AfricanBrains