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Powercell, Switzerland firm to invest N160m on renewable energy in Nigeria

Solar Energy

POWERCELL Limited, a company involved in sales and integration of renewable energy in Nigeria, in collaboration with a Switzerland firm, Newave Energy has unveiled plans to invest $1 million (about N160 million) in Nigeria’s renewable energy sector.

Newave Energy is a leading manufacturer of UPS in Europe and the pioneer of Modular and Transformer-less UPS in the world, as it seeks to introduce a world class UPS with robust features made from Switzerland into Nigerian market.

Managing Director, Powercell Limited, Tayo Balogun at a dinner in Lagos to honour the Regional Manger for Africa and Middle East, Newave, Kelvin Bickerestaffe said that the partnership is about bringing in robust brand quality products of inverter and UPS in Nigeria whereby bridging the gap in the power sector between the poor quality products.

According to him, “Nigerians spend so much money to acquire cheap low quality backup systems, investing so much money and not reaping from it. With this initiatives coming in from Newave, you are very sure of quality brand products.

“The company is all over Europe, America, Asia and other parts of the world, and we are coming in as their second partners in Africa. I can assure you that within the next one year, backup systems in Nigeria for data and offices will certainly move to the next level.

He urged Federal Government to put up a legislation that will help individuals acquire solar and also make aggressive investments in the country’s solar installations. Balogun stressed that the world is looking at renewable and solar energy as they are moving away from the normal hydro and other source of power because renewable is the work of nature but Nigeria is yet to wake up to it.

He said: “If Nigerian government could do a lot to invest in solar and wind power system in the country, as God has endowed the country with a lot of facilities, Nigeria will go a long way. “The size of two local government in Kwara State, alone can power the whole Nigeria on solar but government is not looking in that direction except hydro.

“Initially the cost to acquire solar is not cheap but over time, it is cheaper than hydro and that is why a lot of countries in Europe, America and Asia uses solar to power their systems. “For example, the winds we have in our coast from Epe to Badagry in Lagos are enough to power the state. Right now in Japan, you can’t build any house without a solar system.

“If we go renewable, the sky will be the limit and we wont have any power problem in the country. We have the money. Why don’t we encourage individuals to build solar systems in the country. Also speaking, Bickerestaffe said that the demand for secured power supply is rising all the time as the company is always providing energy leading to the partnership with Powercell. To actualize this, he said that the company searched for local supports to partner with who have same business interest for long-term partnerships.

From: The Guardian