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Nigerian engineer invents wind energy

Wind Turbine

A Nigerian engineer has built a wind turbine in Enugu, saying he wants to help solve the nation’s energy crisis. THE Nigerian engineer who built a wind turbine in Enugu, Mr. Sabastine Omeh, has said that the energy crisis in the country motivated him into the invention.

Omeh told newsmen in Enugu that the country’s energy crisis would end if works by local engineers were recognised for patronage.  ‘The clamour for renewable energy to mitigate climate change motivated me to look for an alternative source of energy for Nigeria. ‘I chose wind because it is very environment friendly. It can be mounted in the ocean and it will perform optimally there because there is no barrier,’ he said.

The 24-kw demonstration turbine is mounted at Akpuoga Nike in the outskirts of Enugu and is used to power his workshop.  The UNN graduate said he had already designed two bigger turbines with capacities for 150kw and 500kw respectively.  Omeh said that he had identified two sites in Lagos and Sokoto where the wind speed could ensure optimum performance by wind turbines up to 18 hours a day.

He said that a turbine farm could be established in those sites to produce up to 10,000 megawatts of electricity.  He said he had also designed a coal-fired turbine and was in the process of building a demonstration turbine with capacity for 10kw.  Omeh said the abundant coal deposit in the country would become useful once he perfected the turbine.  He said that he sourced all the materials used in building the turbine locally.

From: The Moment

Source: http://www.momentng.com/en/news/5230/nigerian-engineer-invents-wind.html