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Nigeria and Co-Chair of Climate and Clean Air Coalition (CCAC)

Excellencies (Secretary-General, Ministers, Ambassadors, colleagues

Ladies and Gentlemen)

I am here today as the Co-Chair of the Climate and Clean Air Coalition to propose specific actions to reduce Short-Lived Climate Pollutants (what we call SLCPs), including Black Carbon soot, Methane, Tropospheric Ozone, and Hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs).

We are the ones who will commit, we are the ones who can and will act.

Thank you, Secretary-General, for bringing all of us together with the spirit to

DO, to say YES.

From an African perspective it is part of our survival that we take action, considering the latest IPCC report. This for Africa, where the warming is at one and a half times the global rate, and for the Arctic the warming is at almost twice the global average rate. We have enough evidence to avoid disastrous consequences for humanity, ecosystems and sustainable development.

As you know, reducing SLCPs can produce significant near-term climate benefits, while also improving human health, food security and energy savings.

Furthermore, action to reduce Black Carbon and Methane would also prevent a significant portion of the estimated 7 million deaths annually from in-door and outdoor air-pollution, avoid annual crop losses of tens of million tons while delivering better energy security.

This is why the actions that I propose today are:

  • to reduce methane emissions from the oil and gas sector, and to capture and use methane from municipal waste management systems
  • to reduce black carbon emission from freight,
  • to work together to phase down HFCs,
  • to work towards saving lives of women and children by providing clean cooking technologies
  • to ensure that public and private finance are directed to scale up to reduce these harmful pollutants.

But we all need to go a step further. We want to walk out from Abu Dhabi not only with words, but with real mitigation actions.

On Oil & Gas, we will work to build a public-private partnership to systematically reduce methane emissions in the oil and gas sector AS MENTIONED BY MINISTER BARKER. In addition, CCAC partners will work on technology demonstrations to recover hydrocarbon liquids which are responsible for the formation of black carbon and methane.

On Freight, we will work on a Global Green Freight Action Plan to foster greater cooperation, and a platform to engage the private sector to expand and harmonize green freight programs with capacity to improve the environmental performance and energy efficiency.


On hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs), we will work with governments and the private sector to promote a global phasedown of high Global Warming Potential HFCs. HFCs are the fastest growing greenhouse gases in the world, increasing by 10-15% annually in some countries that crave air conditioning and cooling systems. Recent CCAC case studies on commercial refrigeration systems showed significant reductions in the carbon footprint of the stores where HFCs were replaced by various climate friendly alternatives.


On Agriculture, we are working to reduce methane through livestock manure management and improved paddy rice production, as well as black carbon from open burning practices. This is a triple win approach to enhance food security and strengthen livelihoods, while mitigating climate change.

On Municipal Solid Waste, we will promote the scaling-up of city actions on  solid waste management to achieve ambitious emission reductions from the  waste sector, by addressing methane and black carbon emissions. We are  already working with 26 cities in the Coalition. But we want more, we need to  do more, we want to reach 100 cities by September to significantly scale up  city actions beyond the Coalition.


In Nigeria and in many other countries of the Coalition, we have started to work on national assessments and national action plans with the ambition to mainstreaming SLCP reduction as part of our national development plans.

These are times of leadership, these are the time of taking risks, these are times of building a safer future and present, these are times of thinking big and of acting boldly.

We want to be part of the movement that put the Earth on a safe path, come work with us on this journey to scale up reduction on short-lived climate  pollutants – SLCPs.


Join our Climate and Clean Air Coalition!

Thank you