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Green Energy, Solution to World Energy – Kazaure


Woman in Northern Rural Nigeria with Solar Panel

Affordable Energy Solutions has been providing energy In Nigeria, Tukur Kazaure is the MD,CEO, Affordable Energy Solutions LTD. Anthony Ada Abraham writes on his effort for providing energy needs using other means and job creation.

Though many Nigerians have been complaining of lack of job, there are people underground who are working tirelessly to make sure that they put smiles on faces on some Nigerians. Alhaji Tukur Kazaure is one of these Nigerians who believe that you could work hard with your God-given wisdom instead of waiting on government for jobs.

‘We provide direct job to 11 people and not less than 200 people indirectly, and terms of affordability we have two categories small and medium income people.’ Notwithstanding the economic situation of the country, he emphasized the need why 200 people where been employed indirectly believing it is going to be a continuous process.

‘We work directly with homeowners, building owners, and landlords to reduce energy usage, associated utility costs, and overall environmental impact footprint.’. according to Kazaure. The company also offers certified energy efficiency experts that can help lower ones’ energy bills through its affordable and high quality energy efficiency services.

‘Whether you are looking to reduce energy usage and utility costs, diagnose and repair problematic areas (air leaks, moisture issues), or transform your home or building into an energy efficient and green building, Affordable Energy Solutions helps you achieve your goal.’ Replied Kazaure.

AES provides a convenient 1-stop option for customers by taking care of all their energy efficiency needs; from the initial energy assessment, to quality assurance, support, and excellent customer service during and after the assessment. Following the energy assessment, they provide a full report of the test results, as well as their recommendations of changes or improvements needed to make people’s house or building more energy efficient.

‘We will also present you with information on the economic payback of changes or improvements made, to ensure that our services lead to an economic payback for you!’ According to Tukur Kazaure, Affordable Energy Solutions is fully committed to serving people all over the world and Nigeria in particular with all their energy efficiency needs taking pride in the companies honest and ethical business practices, high quality service, and excellent customer satisfaction.

Also Kazaure emphasized that they devices several means of using their products to solve perennial power problem in Nigeria including, animal dung power, solar/CE block marker, rechargeable fridge waste to fuel, and also the solar power with Borehole drinking and, booster.

‘The one called animal dung power is enable you to run your generator, cooking gas produces fertilizer. With easy use of animal manure or human septic tank and many more.’ He also stated that the only solution to the world energy crisis, is the Distributed Energy Generation.

‘The world over has realised that a centralised energy generation is both costly and inefficient. Apart from thousand of kilometers of wires wasted from one location to another, a small problem at the generation center will ground everywhere in a centralised system. Distributed system has the advantage of being small in coverage so a problem there will only affect a small unit. The excess energy is added to the national grid. This is the future of energy generation.’ They were awarded the best most innovative of the year 2011 by the CBN.

From: All Africa

Source: http://allafrica.com/stories/201209080457.html