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Building a Village in the Renewable Energy Model

Sokoto State Governor – Aliyu Wamakko 

The vision of the governor of Sokoto State in Nigeria is to create a village that will be predominantly powered by renewable energy sources. The fact that many industries in the countryside have been crippled by intermittent power supply leaves the entire country poor with slow and unproductive economy. Right now, the government is looking to rely on cost-efficient renewable energy as the rural areas’ main power source.

A power plant to produce 10 kilowatts of solar energy is currently underway. The pilot village for this massive project is Danwaja and it will be equipped with the necessary photovoltaic off grid systems that can supply as much as 12 hours of power necessary to light and cool the village. But that won’t be all – residents are assured that they will be able to use their radios, televisions, and refrigerators as well.

The project will be spearheaded by the Sokoto Energy Research Centre, which incidentally is one of the oldest research centers in Nigeria. The center is tasked to make the necessary researches to develop the use of renewable energy in the entire country. The center has a freehand to use solar, biomass, wind, and small hydro energies to power up the whole nation.

In the Sub-Saharan region of Africa, it can be noted that as many as 70% of the entire population live with no steady electricity, with as much as 80% of them living in the rural areas. With this project on its way, there will seem to be a brighter future for the children of Nigeria. The only requirement is for the government and the people itself to be capable of maintaining the solar systems installed in the pilot village and eventually, all over the country. The use of renewable energy in Africa used to be just a dream; but now is getting closer to reality.

Source: Sustainable Energy Systemz