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Our Objectives

The renewable energy sector is green and developing. We are pleased that Nigeria is endowed with vast and varied natural resources including massive supplies of water, solar, wind and biomass-as raw materials to produce green-energy. The Federal Government of Nigeria is committed to developing the Plans and Programmes like the Federal Ministry of Environment’s Renewable Energy Programme are in place to ensure the development and growth of the sector.


  • To address the nation’s challenges of moving towards clean, reliable, secure and competitive energy supply.
  • To develop and Implement strategies that will achieve a clean reliable energy supply and establish mechanism to develop the sector based on International best, practices to showcase viability for private sector participation.
  • Ensure alternative sources of-energy that are Clean, reliable stable and sustainable.
  • Develop Policy objectives of sovereignty, national security and self-sufficiency.

The Renewable Energy Programme is expected to provide inputs to national sustainable development and agenda to meet the followings targets:-

  • National Agenda on Emission reductions
  • Millennium Development Goal
  • Vision 20:20 Environment sub-sector
  • Clean Development Mechanism
  • Clean energy rural entrepreneur incubation
  • Alternative sources of energy that is clean and sustainable for national energy mix


  • Stable electricity supply and protection of’ environment.
  • Reduction in green house gases emission.
  • Elimination of agricultural and household wastes that will be used for bio-fuel production.
  • Provision of clean smoke-free Cooking fuel as alternative to firewood in rural Nigeria.
  • Rural electrification and Fossil fuel alternatives.
  • Mitigation of environmental degradation problems resulting from pollution, deforestation and vegetation loss.
  • Carbon credits for Nigeria from green energy sources.
  • Leading Africa in implementation of the Climate Change commitments.
  • Job and wealth creation
  • Entrepreneur incubation
  • Boost for Africa’s target on voluntary emission reduction (VER)